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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Island Weekend (3 of 3)

Here's a few more random shots from our island weekend.

When we went to grab the bread to make some PB&J sandwiches...surprise! 

And here's some sea turtle eggs that had hatched, the shells left empty like a pile of squashed ping pong balls.

We got to see some fresh hatchlings that just popped out that night.  The turtles are endangered, so there's some people that watch over the eggs and turtles so they don't get eaten by people or animals.  We got to help set this little guys free into the ocean.  Less than five out of a hundred will make it to adulthood.

And finally, a few shots of the kids.

Never a dull moment with these two ham bones!

Britton is a great big brother and a good role model for his younger siblings.

Britton and Hudson.

Hannah was the only young girl in our MAF group that went to the island, but she found local friends to play with.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful memories these photos bring to mind of the special time you treated us to when we were there. The photos are superior.


Irvan said...

Hi dave,

I Love your underwater pics. i wonder what underwater camera are you using?

recently i went to Langkawi Island dan take underwater pic using Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT4/ TS4, but the underwater pics are so dissapointed.

can you tell me the secret how to take underwater pics like yours?

many thanks

Anonymous said...

When your kids play with local children, how do they communicate? Do your kids learn Indonesian??